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NAMASKAR to the INDIKA The House Of Tandoor, BERRY

The name INDIKA can be directly translated to mean "EAT INDIAN", where INDI from INDIA and KA means EAT in hindi. At INDIKA, we delivers on the trust of it appellation with an authentic modernise indian cusine. Restaurateur Sandeep Bhimavarapu, inspired to share his love for the food and culture of his native India, with his talented team to present world class indian cuisine in the streets of Berry. Our passionate chef has a vision of the future for indian cuisine, with an aim to improve the regional and traditional cuisines. Quality of food, Service and Ambience is always been the most important aspect of us, here at INDIKA each dish is made to order as you know that when your server asks you how spicy would you like your curry to taste.

INDIKA is not just a place known to be as a restaurant but it is a place of gathering, happiness, festival and satisfaction. we believe that you will have a wonderful time loving classic modern take on indian cusine.